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Secret Lift Pro Face Tapes

All New Secret Lift Pro Facelift Tapes

New streamlined design. Simple, singular, one-piece construction

Pre-assembled ⋅ Easy to use ⋅ Highly comfortable
Inconspicuous ⋅ Strong holding power ⋅ Easy to customize

No surgery, No chemical peels, No miracle creams, No gimmicks!

The All New Secret Lift Pro is the next generation instant facelift kit. With its one piece streamlined design and singular construction, Secret Lift Pro makes it even easier to get cosmetic surgery results without the pain and expense. Our newly redesigned facelift tapes will make you look years younger—instantly!

Try this simple self-test: Looking in a mirror, place index fingers in front of your ears, and thumbs at the end of your jaw, then push skin upward and back. Do you like what you see? That's what our Secret Lift Kits will do for you! Cosmetic surgery results without the pain and expense.

Secret Lift Pro will lift sagging skin, eliminate wrinkles from your face, neck jaw, and eye area. No one will know your secret! Facelift tapes are solution—guaranteed to show results. You will look years younger instantly and feel great.

After extensive testing, CosmeSearch, Inc. has streamlined the original Secret Lift Kit into an innovative all-in-one singular construction. It's highly effective, easy to use, and unnoticeable. It is ideal to use for special occasions, weddings, reunions, modeling, picture taking, travel, etc.

Secret Lift Pro Instant Facelift

Secret Lift Pro
Neck and Jaw Lifting Bands

12 Pre-Assembled Neck and Jaw Lifts

• Lifts and tightens sagging skin instantly
• Eliminates wrinkles from your neck and jaw area
• Medical grade, breathable, hypoallergenic tape
• Easy to apply, lasts all day

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Neck Lifting Band
12 Neck and Jaw Lifts

Secret Lift Pro hero image

Secret Lift Pro Facelift tapes are the solution

Here is how Secret Lift works: Special small, clear hypoallergenic facelift tapes adhere unnoticeably in front of ears with a concealed, fully adjustable elastic band (so you can tighten or loose as much as you wish). This combination lifts sagging skin, eliminating wrinkles from face, eye area, neck, and jawline.

Secret Lift Pro diagram

Hold the band with both hands (the adhesive side should be facing you). While stretching the band, bring it over your head and apply the tapes to your desired position.

Secret Lift Pro diagram